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Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre

Image of Dr Majeed Khader

What started out as a visionary idea to support law enforcement work based on an understanding of the psychological principles in human behaviour has over the years evolved into a fledging research and training programme that is based on behavioural science. This newborn within the walls of the academy is the Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre (HTBSC).

The HTBSC aims to provide operational support for law enforcement officers by conducting cutting edge research into areas where behavioural sciences act as an operational multiplier and translating this research into training that will equip Home Team (HT) officers with the skills to deal with a constantly evolving operating terrain.

In other words, the HTBSC converts behavioural science principles into law enforcement practices that help make the HT a formidable force, able to detect and deter those inclined to crime and disorder.

A research house like HTBSC needs to leverage on the experience, knowledge and expertise of practitioners on the ground to make sure that it does not produce “ivory tower” science. It also needs to have good sense of the ground in order to develop strategic programmes to help the HT face challenges ahead. Wisdom in this line of work comes not from the textbooks but from the lives and work of our HT officers. The formation of the Academy where HT officers come together to learn, grow and share provides the ideal platform for the HTBSC to grow and at the same time ensure that it is firmly grounded – like a seed sown in fertile soil. May the HTBSC and the Academy grow together from strength to strength in the years ahead. May there be more good years.

Dr Majeed Khader
Senior Consultant Psychologist
Home Team Behavioural Sciences Centre

Last Updated on 18 Jun 2014